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Rider Analysis and Physiotherapy

Rider fitness and symmetry plays a crucial part in your horse’s performance and soundness.

How to tell if you have rider asymmetry or weakness?

• Finding it more comfortable to ride on one rein
• Always feeling that one stirrup is longer than the other
• Finding specific movements difficult to perform
• Pain or discomfort whilst riding
• Recurrent back pain or crookedness in your horse
• Lack of progression in training/schooling

Whether you are recovering from an injury or want to improve your performance we offer a variety of rider physiotherapy services to choose from.

How We Can Help You - Rider Physiotherapy Services

Mechanical Horse Postural Analysis

Using live analysis to give instant feedback combined with Quintic biomechanics software, we analyse how you move whilst riding. As well as assessing your ‘on horse’ symmetry we perform an ‘off horse’ physical assessment looking at mobility, balance and strength. We devise a physiotherapy treatment and exercise programme with both on and off horse exercises to correct muscle imbalance, improve your strength, mobility and performance.

Mechanical Horse Exercise Session

Improve your riding fitness and symmetry with a 30 minute Equicise exercise session on the mechanical horse. Using visual feedback we take you through a tailored progressive exercise programme working on improving strength, symmetry and balance – an ideal follow up to a postural analysis session.

Horse and Rider Postural Analysis

Which came first, the crooked horse or the crooked rider? We are uniquely placed to integrate both horse and rider assessment and physiotherapy treatment, break the vicious circle and optimise your performance.

Booking a Session

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ACPAT Chartered Physiotherapists

We are ACPAT chartered physiotherapists and always work with veterinary approval as stipulated by the Veterinary Surgeons Act (1966), to ensure that your animal receives the best possible care.

As chartered physiotherapists, we will always obtain your vet's permission before proceeding with the initial treatment.

Victoria Spalding. Chartered veterinary Physiotherapy